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Cosmic Network is a decentralized peer-to-peer (p2p) VPN service which provides a robust, personalized and secure browsing experience powered by AI.

By prioritizing privacy and freedom while using the Internet, Cosmic's dVPN services allow you to access and enjoy your favorite websites from anywhere in the world.

Key Features

  • Digital Nodes

    Cosmic operates using a decentralized network of Nodes. Node runners can either install a package on their PC to run a node and earn passive income through our incentivization program.
  • Physical Nodes

    Custom Cosmic Routers come equipped with lifetime dVPN services and the ability to run nodes and operate as a passive stream of income for the user.
  • DePin

    DePIN is realized through our network of individual nodes—each node being a vital piece of our physical infrastructure spread across various geographical locations and managed by different individuals or entities.
  • dVPN Services

    Our dVPN services offer censorship resistant internet access, enhanced safety via our decentralized model, open source network, and a peer-to-peer marketplace for buying and selling bandwidth.


Cosmic Routers are the backbone of the network, offering users a convenient and feature-rich solution.

  1. Customization

    Partner with Cosmic Network and design a router with the specs you required to run your necessary services and generate additional revenue streams for your project.
  2. Multiple Tiers

    Choose from basic high-speed dVPN capable routers to advanced models with more specification towards tasks like (but not limited to) AI rendering, LLM’s, GPU nodes and ETH validator nodes.
  3. Passive Income

    Passive income generation for node runners and network contributors. Payment is handled through the native Cosmic token within our network ecosystem.

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With 15 years of experience in enterprise IT infrastructure, security, and networking, Asad has a strong foundation in the technological aspects critical to a tech company's growth. His foray into the crypto world since 2021 has equipped him with valuable insights into blockchain technology, making him an adept leader for Cosmic Network.




CSO (Chief Strategy Officer)

As the Web3 Lead, Farhan's transition from Web3 Lead for a 3D Realworld Metaverse project to focusing on blockchain applications in finance and leasing highlights his versatility. With seven years of experience working with top-tier enterprises in Asia and Europe, he possesses a deep understanding of the strategic applications of blockchain technology across various industries.


CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

Mahad's five-year tenure in the cryptocurrency sector, working on diverse projects, positions him as a key figure in overseeing Cosmic Network's technological direction, ensuring that the company remains at the forefront of blockchain innovation.


Lead Blockchain Developer

xA, Cosmic Network's Lead Blockchain Developer, uniquely combines expertise in blockchain, web development, and artificial intelligence, underscored by a dedication to AI ethics. In blockchain, he excels in creating innovative solutions, utilizing Solidity and web3 technologies. This blend of skills enhances Cosmic Network's innovation and mirrors the tech industry’s ethical and cross-disciplinary trends.


Project Manager

With 17 years of experience in tech and real-time products, Q has led multidisciplinary teams on projects for high-profile clients like Toyota and Samsung. His extensive experience ensures the seamless integration and execution of Cosmic Network's projects.


Senior Network Developer

Specializing in blockchain innovation, Jay's extensive experience encompass working on blockchain forks, decentralized exchanges, tokenization, and NFT marketplaces. His deep expertise in blockchain technology is instrumental in propelling Cosmic Network's projects forward.


Network Engineer

With years of experience as a Network Engineer, Zain brings a comprehensive skill set that includes the MERN stack, AWS, SQL/NoSQL databases, CI/CD, Blockchain, and Web3 technologies. His dedication to delivering high-quality, secure software solutions marks him as an asset to the development team.


Full Stack Developer

Specializing in web application development, Alex’s expertise spans over five years, with a focus on creating scalable, high-performance applications. His proficiency in a wide range of technologies, from React to NodeJs and MongoDB, alongside his experience with agile methodologies, makes him a key player in the development team.

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